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Buying and Selling vintage, rare, and out of print books. Peruse through over 1,000 collectible and uncommon books including Kerouac, Vonnegut, Brautigan, vintage paperbacks, and Armed Services Editions.

Junkie Book Cover     George Orwell's 1984 - First Signet Paperback printing     Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole     Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman     Kurt Vonnegut

Beat Books - Jack Kerouac, Bukowski, Brautigan, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Thompson and others (some 300 items). Check out the large selection of Kerouac and beat classics, both collectible editions and reading copies.

Vintage Paperbacks - You know, good girl covers, Jim Thompson, Philip K Dick, Leslie Charteris, Raymond Chandler, Sci fi, mystery, and others (some 300 items)

Edward Gorey - Deserves a category by himself (some 20 items).

Armed Services Edition -  these are the paperback ASEs that were distributed during World War II to soldiers (almost 100 items).

Main Book List - the complete booklist including hardcover first editions, like Vonnegut, Michael Crichton, Robert Parker and others (includes all catalogs) including signed editions.

Kurt Vonnegut

Mr. Kurt Vonnegut Page Read the tribute, Page 13 Is Missing.

Jack Kerouac Mr. Kerouac listening to the radio. Mr. Kerouac on the Steve Allen show.

DHARMA beat - A Jack Kerouac Website

Dedicated to all things Kerouac: with a calendar of Kerouac and beat events; Kerouac articles of interest; and with a links page to other Kerouac websites.

Welcome to all who journey through here:

This site is a gathering of words, essays, and other musings that in the past would have been published on the printed page. Alas, it is now here to be caressed with a cold, hard mouse and plastic keys.  

Peace, Attila.

Cat in the HatMr. Hat goes to Hungary, click here.

Mr. Hat visits Budapest, Kaposvar and Pecs. He hangs out on the Danube River (called the Duna in Hungarian), and drinks Palinka (but not the Unicum).

Machu PicchuTake the Inka trail to Machu Picchu - Travel with Mr. Hat to Peru, a great place to visit. (photos)

Inka Trail

Machu Picchu


Cowboy Bush Which horse is which? While Bush is no longer our selected president, we know that he does not cut and run, he stays the course. A look at Bush and Cheney as retold through a classic folk tale.


Hiway 36 SignLooking for real estate?

If you are looking for real estate services on Highway 36, from Bridgeville to Mad River to Ruth Lake, California, Ann Matula Gyenis can help. See listings of land, houses, and maybe an occasional town for sale. Yes, Bridgeville, CA is for sale, again. A little under a million dollars. Are you looking for a town to buy? Her website is here - http://www.highway36.com/ 


WORDS - Personal musings, words, poetry and poetic, and other thoughts and ramblings  

Words and Poetics -  a gathering of words, stories, writings, some political, and some just an attempt at being poetic.

Selected Articles and Essays:

The Democratic Party goes on the Yellow Brick Road (again) - if they only had a heart, a brain, and a little courage.

Not One More! - Not one more unnecessary death in Iraq, not one more war, not one more injustice perpetrated by our government and corporations. Stand up and be counted. Demand that your elected officials stand up and be counted. End the occupation, US out of Iraq. Take the Pledge for Peace.

Dis-civil Obedience - If you are obedient to a government that is acting in a way that is not beneficial to society (civilization), you are practicing dis-civil obedience (by Attila Gyenis).

Words Have Meaning - People have a responsibility to say what they mean, and mean what they say. To accomplish this, words cannot be allowed to change their meaning midstream. Are we going to let Bush's lies go unchallenged?

Don't Fear Nader - Fear the end of basic Democratic Principles brought to you courtesy of the Democratic Party Leadership

Life Is Beautiful -  A look at the liberation of Iraq

How in the world is anybody still sitting on that fence? - A look at how anybody could still not realize that the president is lying about the war by Attila Gyenis (and inspired by Cindy Sheehan).

Hypocrites and Liars by Cindy Sheehan - Her take on some of the issues. A very good read.



"There is no peace without justice.

And there is no justice if it is based on lies." AG

Don't Trust the Government


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