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A U.S. soldier from the 173rd Airborne Division, guards oil facilities in the oil-rich northern city of Kirkuk, April 11, 2003. The United States plans to run Iraq's oil industry until an Iraqi interim authority can be formed to take it over, sources familiar with the evolving plan said. Photo by Nikola Solic/Reuters


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Top 10 reasons that George W. Bush invaded Iraq.

10 - Because Saddam was personally responsible for 9/11; I mean because the US was under imminent threat of attack from Iraq; I mean, Saddam had weapons of mass distraction, I mean destruction programs, that he was selling to the Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Oh, wait a minute, now it's coming to me. Because we wanted to liberate the Iraqi people against a ruthless and mean dictator. Yeah, that's it. Like we said all along, Bush just wanted to liberate the Iraqi people.
9 -  What is our oil doing under their sand?
8 - Did we mention 9/11 yet? Not that there is any evidence connecting Saddam to 9/11 but we'll just keep mentioning it  (but we won't talk about the oil).
7 - Just because you are a chicken hawk, doesn't mean you can't give out a serving of whoop ass (as long as you get others to do it for you).
6 - Bush thought, "What is the stupidest thing I can do to get the whole world's opinion against the United States?"
5 - His advisors thought it was a good way to get his mind off the red button.
4 - Because he heard that Osama Bin Laden was in Pakistan.
3 - It had absolutely nothing to do with oil. Repeat, absolutely nothing to do with oil.
2 - North Korea has the nuclear bomb and everybody knew that Iraq didn't.
And the #1 reason Bush Jr. invaded Iraq -  Cheney made him do it.

2004 Attila Gyenis



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