Mr. Hat finds his relatives. MagyarorsagHungary


Mr. Hat visits relatives in Hungary.

These are photos of our visit to Hungary in 2004. These are pictures of my relatives. Most of my immediate relatives live in Kaposvar (on my mom's side) or outside of Pecs (on my dad's side). We went in time for a Hungarian wedding (my cousin's daughter, Kincso and Balazs). My parents, my brother Csaba and his family, and my nephew Justin also went. It was one big family reunion. Bring on the Palinka (but not the Unicum).

Some basic Hungarian vocabulary.

Hello     Hungarian - Jo napot kivanok.

Goodbye     Hungarian - Hello (what's up with that) or Cia (pronounced See Ya)

I would like a beer.    Hungarian - Egy sor letseves.

Where is the bathroom (important for women)  Hungarian - Hol van a WC? (you will have to learn how to pronounce WC correctly)

Enjoy the slide show, click on any picture to enlarge it. (may take time to load, please me patient and have a glass of wine. Egri Bika Ver (Bull's Blood) or Tokay would be acceptable choices.) 

©2004 Attila Gyenis

Kincso and Balazs - the Bride and Groom

Mom and Dad

Where is the Black Widow?

Miki and Bea

Gyula Baci and Anna Maria

Mountain man comes down from the mountain to see Csaba's family

Ann and Csaba

What would a wedding be without a Hungarian conga line?

Kinsco and Balazs after the honeymoon (see how tan they are?)

The gang at Margret Nene's and Jansci Baci's house

The Budai family

The three wise men

The Ladies - Marika, Sziszi, and Mom

Laszlo Jr (Laca) and Annette

The sisters

Look at the happy dog

Attila, Marika, and Sabolcs

Will grown men ever stop playing with dolls?

Ann with 3 day event horse. She says that was the highlight of her trip.

Picnic at Nori's house

Gabor and kids Vivian and Kerikata with Karen

Vivian and Philip playing in the sand (Csaba owes them a dumptruck load of replacement sand)

Nori, Melinda, and Brother Csaba

Nori, Ann, Gyula baci and Gabor's dad

Hungarian Plan - We attack the castle, and eat all their food

What's cooking? Tancsi standing guard.

Hungarians after taking back the castle with a full belly

I only smoke cubans

The boss

The real boss

Sziszi holding up the post

The chicks on the prowl (looking for the coffee?)

The chef (pointing a big fork when a sword isn't available)

It's another picnic with Ann, Mom, Sziszi and Bea

Lazlo senior with Sziszi and Bence (with Bea in the reflection because she didn't want her picture taken- haha)

Marika was responsible for the scalping that occurred here

The hippie (wears tie-dye and doesn't have a job)

The gang in Kaposvar

Baby sleeping

Babi sleeping

Get this monkey off my back!

Miki and Bea

Could I have this dance?

And the band played on (after this beer, or maybe the next one)

Will you take 200 forint for that?

It's a great view from up here

Our chauffeur and entertainment coordinator

Laci and us, taken by an unhappy security guard, who despite his best intentions, took a good picture

Girls with Toys

A night of Hungarian songs at Klari's house next door to Margret Nene

Andrew and Mr. Hat

Philip and Mr. Hat

Dinner on the banks of the Duna (Danube River) in Budapest with violin music in the background

Our last night in Budapest standing on the Erszebet Bridge


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Peace, Joy, Happiness

May life offer you blessings and a pleasant journey.