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President George Bush declared in his 2004 State of the Union speech that the US is on a mission to "lead the cause of freedom" and claimed his doctrine of pre-emptive military action had advanced the cause of democracy and non-proliferation around the world. Now he is considering postponing the 2004 elections due to the threat of terrorism and protecting our 'democracy.'


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Top 10 reasons that George W. Bush wants to postpone the Presidential Elections in 2004.


NOTE ADDED: November 3, 2004 - OK, so he didn't have to postpone the election. I guess the American people have spoken. This website is now out of date. Maybe it wasn't ever funny. So it goes.

10 - Anyone who would consider voting while our government is fighting to protect our democratic freedoms is unpatriotic.
9 - The election will interfere with George Bush’s vacation plans.
8 - George W. Bush has not lied once to the American people, so we should believe him when he says that he needs to postpone the election. (Of course, that is because he lied many times about the Iraq War, Weapons of Mass Destruction, taxes, environmental issues, economy, etc-
7 - He only wants to change the election date for the American People’s convenience. This would allow George to rename November 7th as National Halliburton Appreciation Day, and move the Presidential Election to February 30th.
6 - Remember 9/11 and Bush's resolve to fight the terrorists responsible for that attack on our freedoms.
5 - Because Tom Ridge, our Homeland Security Czar (who gives us all a warm and fuzzy feeling by providing our color coded alerts), recently received data from unverifiable sources, that an unstated threat may or may not exist, that may require us to take unspecified actions that may or may not result in stopping the unsubstantiated terrorist attack– but it is clearly evident that National Security concerns make it necessary to postpone the election. But keep shopping and support your local merchants.
4 - George is concerned for the American people during these trying times that test his resolve. He doesn’t think it is fair to ask the American people, again, to go through the stressful process of counting all those hanging chads in Florida. After all, he is the compassionate conservative.
3 - George is always confusing Election day with Pearl Harbor day, or maybe it's Labor day. Anyway, it is one of those days that he wants to postpone.
2 - There is a terrorist link between Osama Bin Laden and those liberal thinking, freedom-hating, unpatriotic people who would vote for Kerry.
And the #1 reason Bush Jr. wants to postpone the elections–

Bush is a little confused about the need for the whole voting thing. Why do you need to get re-elected if you didn’t get elected in the first place?

© 2004 Attila Gyenis




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